Brian Connor's Basic Webpage

This is the first webpage that I have ever created. I feel somewhat excited! As I think about the topic of my final website, here are some possibilities

Topic 1

Deal of the Day!

One of my ideas is to develop a website on local bars in Columbia and one of the things that will be mentioned is the best deal of the day as shown on

EatDrinkDeals is the nation’s leading news website for discount dining information. Our website is updated several times a day with the latest deals. Every article is checked and verified by our staff before it is posted.

I would really like to introduce this piece bucause I think that users of my website would find it incredibly useful. I think it would be nice little feature on the website and I want to see how people react to it.

Topic 2

"Hungry Hungry Tigers" Opinion Forum

I've beent thinking about the prospect of adding a certain forum where students/citizens of Columbia can share their thoughts on certain deals, restaurants, and bars.

  1. Allows members of the website to create topics about restaurants and everything to do with them.
  2. Share each others thoughts, respond to other members in the community, upvote and downvote certain comments.